Chewton Domain Society

The Chewton Domain Society (CDS), an incorporated body representing its members, was registered in 1996 with an updated constitution under the Associations Incorporation Reform Act 2023.

In 1995, the eleven allotments involving the Post Office, the Town Hall and the Park were consolidated into a single title by the then custodian, the Shire of Metcalfe.  Later the same year Metcalfe Shire and its assets were absorbed by the newly created Shire of Mount Alexander.  In April 1996, the new Shire Council put the Chewton Post Office on a list of assets for sale.  The townsfolk rallied to maintain local public ownership of the important and much loved local post office.

Chewton’s Main Road with Post Office and Town Hall.

In response to the many expressions of community feeling, the Shire Commissioners offered the Post Office back to the people of Chewton, along with the Town Hall and Ellery Park.  A local committee was formed and held a community meeting in the Town Hall on November 24th 1996. That meeting adopted ‘Chewton Township Domain’ as the name for the precinct, and the ‘Chewton Domain Society’ was founded to act as its community ownership body.

The task of managing, preserving and improving these assets is now handled by the volunteer Chewton Domain Society (CDS) Management Committee elected by CDS members at an Annual General Meeting.

The CDS:

  • manages the maintenance, development, usage and leasing arrangements of the buildings and grounds including Ellery Park and its free community BBQ facilities and public toilet.
  • manages the People and Places Historic Display in the Chewton Town Hall  open on the first and second Sundays of the month from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m.
  • produces the monthly Chewton Chat community newspaper that promotes Chewton and its district, circulates local news and provides an opportunity for local organizations and businesses to promote themselves and their activities.
  • manages the Chewton community website and Facebook page.
  • manages the annual Monster Meeting events, maintains the website  and Monster Meeting Facebook page..

You can join the CDS:
All interested people are welcomed and encouraged to become CDS members and become an integral part of our community.
Current annual membership is $10.

Join here online

Or click here for the form…
CLICK HERE for CDS membership application/renewal form or contact the Secretary, Marie Jones on 0407 977 731.
Enquiries or expressions of interest regarding sub-committee participation are welcomed and can be made to any member of the Management Committee, or to the secretary.

The CDS can be contacted by:
Mail: P.O. Box 85 Chewton, 3451

Executive members:
President: Phillip Walker 0499 267 593
Vice President: Hilary Blackshaw 0431 384 123
Secretary: Marie Jones 0407 977 731
Treasurer: Kerry Bourke 0417 136 768
Committee members:
John Ellis
Judy Cobb
Margot Ryan
Marion Landy
Pat Healy
Christine Murphy

The CDS is committed to providing a child safe environment and being a Child Safe Organisation in accordance with the Victorian Child Safe Standards 2017.